They were threatened by a man the Minister should have sacked, Mr. Tony O’Brien. They were called “emotional terrorists.”

Last week we had a celeb doctor publish an article which gave a gross description of a smear test and then we had a minister who is on Dáil record as saying that Tony O’ Brien was correct to call parents who questioned the safety of the HPV vaccine as emotional terrorist. What happened the right to choice or the right to full information? How disrespectful can this so-called muppet as described by Deputy McGrath be? He is certainly proving to be one of the most inconsiderate Ministers for Health who knows little or nothing about health issues. He lets on that he knows it all. A man that is a complete coward in that he has refused to meet concerned parents and ignoring numerous request to do so. Just look at his reaction in the Dáil. He scorns little whimpers but nothing of substance. Even look at his handling of the upcoming referendum. Yet he is afraid to tell the people the truth.

And when parents don’t agree with his view on the vaccine, his only answer is to tell them to “butt out”.

What a shame!!!

Deputy Mattie McGrath:    Several hundred families in the State have issues and concerns in respect of the HPV vaccine and when they came out an lobbied on the issues, they were threatened by a man the Minister should have sacked, Mr Tony O’Brien. They were called “emotional terrorists.”

Deputy Simon Harris:     He was entirely correct.

Deputy Mattie McGrath:     That is disgraceful coming from the Minister

Deputy Mattie McGrath Speech 07-02-18



Dr Ciara Kelly: We finally have a vaccine to prevent cancer – you’d think people would be delighted about it

These celeb doctors think they are the best thing and that they are always right. In fact, sometimes they get so soaked up in the celeb world that they lose the run of themselves.

If anything, this person has tainted a view on the experience of a smear test that may scare women from taking them. Why so gruesome? Who wants to know the details of her personal experience? Would it not have been better for women’s health if she had advocated a positive view on the smear test.

And then she goes on to say: Instead we have a junk science smear campaign on social media against the vaccine. We have ill-informed TDs who should care about their electorates’ health but actually care more about parish pump politics, scaremongering about the vaccine’s safety and we have a vaccine uptake rate that’s dangerously low.

Again the celeb status is taking over and just doesn’t see that parents have a right to heir their views for or against.

We have on numerous occasions at meetings with the HSE lobbied to get the age of smear testing dropped from 25years of age to 18/20 years of age. This has fallen on deaf ears. Yet parents are aware that for medical reasons GPs are prescribing oral contraceptive pills for young adolescent girls in their very early teens which carry very severe health risk. Look at what is written in one of these contraceptives Package Information Leaflet:

Cancer of the reproductive organs and breasts

Breast cancer has been diagnosed slightly more often in women who use the pill than in women of the same age who do not use the pill. This small increase in the number of breast cancer diagnoses gradually disappears during the 10 years after stopping use of the pill. It is not known whether the difference is caused by the pill. It may be that women taking the pill are examined more often, so that breast cancer is more likely to be detected. You should have regular breast examinations by a healthcare provider and examine your own breasts monthly. Tell your healthcare provider if you have a family history of breast cancer or if you have had breast nodules or an abnormal mammogram. Women who currently have or have had breast cancer should not use oral contraceptives because breast cancer is usually a hormone-sensitive tumour. Some studies have found an increase in the incidence of cancer of the cervix in women who use oral contraceptives. However, this finding may be related to factors other than the use of oral contraceptives. There is insufficient evidence to rule out the possibility that pills may cause such cancers.

For clarification, we ask parents to get as much information on the HPV vaccine so that they can make an informed decision. We ask that the HSE would circulate the PIL for the vaccine in the information pack distributed to parents through the school.

If you need to seek further advice talk to your GP and not to celeb seekers.

No one wants any woman to suffer from cervical cancer.


What the Gardasil Testing May Have Missed

There’s no evidence that the HPV vaccine causes serious harm, but an investigation shows the trials weren’t designed to properly assess safety.

When you read the article in the attached link you might say to yourself, these symptoms are very similar. But wait for it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

Yet the medical profession along with the so-called medical experts in Irland reckon that the girls are sick and that the number suffering from CFS in adolescent boys and girls hasn’t changed. Yet when questioned on these numbers, they couldn’t produce the figures – interesting. Sorry but parents of all girls who have health issues since receiving the HPV vaccine will not be labelled as having CFS.

Their broken record to say that there is no scientific evidence to prove that these health issues were caused by the vaccine. Equally, it can be argued that there is no evidence to prove they weren’t caused by the vaccine.

Read this very interesting article and see how similar it is to many people.




HSE chief is forced to apologise over letter to swine flu jab victims

Tom Matthews, Mairead Lawless and Eilis Plunkett leaving court yesterday(Mon) after the High Court hearing. Photo Collins Courts

Tom Matthews, Mairead Lawless and Eilis Plunkett leaving court yesterday(Mon) after the High Court hearing. Photo Collins Courts

Eilish O’Regan and Tim Healy

THE Health Service Executive (HSE) has admitted that a highly distressing letter it sent to families coping with their child’s incurable sleeping disease should have been shown in advance to director general Tony O’Brien.

It comes as health chiefs made a U-turn over a letter sent last month, which told around 60 families — whose children developed narcolepsy after getting the swine flu vaccine — that medical expenses would no longer be reimbursed.