Are ICS hiding something or what is it that they are afraid of ?

Maybe it was a mistake but earlier Jeffrey Jaxen said he was blocked by the Irish Cancer Society because he pointed out that they take large sums of money from Merck (& Sanofi) while forcing their HPV vaccine products on the Irish people. We checked it out and it is true.

But then other people were in touch to say that they were blocked also.

Well, foremost lets put the record straight. The Irish Cancer Society has been receiving large amounts of funding from the manufacturers of the HPV vaccine Gardasil. That is on record. To say the least the stance they have taken on this vaccine is a conflict of interest, well that what all parents in touch with us have said.

Any registered charity would be glad of this kind of donation/funding/sponsorship. However, in this instance, the ICS are aware that there are many parents out there who believe that their daughter’s health may have many issues as a result of suspected adverse reactions to this vaccine. To be honest I don’t think parents all over the world would be making these kinds of stories up.

 Recently Head of Services and Advocacy at the Irish Cancer Society, said: “When it comes to the HPV vaccine, the jury is in – the vaccine is safe and saves lives. The Irish Cancer Society has been vocal on this issue for quite some time.

“It’s only natural that parents are fearful when they hear claims about a vaccine. It’s terrible that young girls get sick, but to link their illness to a life-saving vaccine when all the research shows no link is dangerous and threatens lives.

What do the parents of these children think of this statement?