Confused by the views of the CEO of The Children’s Rights Alliance

This is as reported from the launch of the hpv vaccine alliance.

Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance, added:

“We are calling on the parents of Ireland to consent to the vaccine to protect the health of their daughters. The vaccine is free, safe and may save their daughters’ lives.

“We have joined forces with the partners of the HPV Vaccination Alliance to encourage uptake in the coming school year and going forwards. We need to separate facts from fiction and ensure the message is spread that this vaccine is potentially life-saving.”

She says that:

“it may save their daughter’s lives.”

“We need to separate facts from fiction”

Sorry Tanya other members of the alliance are saying it will save our daughter’s lives. Finally this is our children’s live we are talking about.

They are facts and not fiction. We are not discussing a movie here.