Are teachers trained medical advisors?


So the Irish Science Teachers Association has supported and joined the HPV Alliance. All sounds very well and is probably done with the best intention of girl’s health on the issue of cervical cancer and hpv related cancers.

None the less there are some serious issues that need clarification for the good of all concerned.

1. Are science teachers medically qualified to give advice to girls on the hpv vaccine?

2. Will ISTA be making parents aware of their intervention on the matter of the hpv vaccine

3. Is it possible that the parents/guardians of a girl who falls ill from suspected adverse reactions to the vaccine be open to legal proceeding for convincing  uptake?

4. Have the ISTA sought permission from the DES as it is the DES who pays teachers?

Since when have teachers got involed in parental matters. Surely this is unjustifiable as teachers only in the last year were on strike due to pay but such a serious matter did not see parents medling in such teacher related matters. We would ask them to concentrate on the educational aspect of the science subjects and let parents free without influence to get full information so they can make an informed consent if they so wish.

We wish all teachers a happy return to school shortly.