Minister & HSE in silent mode

Parents are you aware that the HPV Vaccine forced upon actions of the Minister and HSE is far from over.

While they remain very low-key at present, it is quite obvious that they will try a new wave of strategies and gameplay going forward. In the last occasion, Minister Harris came out of the blocks like a scalded cat. Did he honestly think that he was going to overcome parents by branding them as scaremongerers and distributors of fake information? And the poor IMO thought it was a great idea to back also. That is kind of understandable when you see the number of doctors receiving money from pharma companies.

It is time that the HSE come clean on this vaccine and admit that there are major problems with it. Well even with a little knowledge, might not be scientific but there are girls falling ill all over the world after receiving the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

We need to throw away the broken record of “there is no scientific evidence” and also “they continue to say that it is safe”.

But you we think there is scientific evidence out there but we are only being told what they want parents to know. Basically, what you won’t know won’t worry you.

The minister is looking at vaccine injury compensation. Don’t be fooled for one minute with this. With legal action in course on the narcolepsy and a number of parents contemplating action on the hpv vaccine, he is trying to get ahead. It may be too late.

They tell you go to your GP and get advice. If your GP recommends this vaccine will he stand over it that nothing will happen to your daughter’s health? Many medical professionals have told us in confidence that they are not sure of the vaccination but that they can’t disclose that publicly.

Watch over the next while as the Minister will try and pursue his vaccine injury compensation plan……………………………………