Teachers not happy with what they witness on vaccination day in schools

It was hurtful to hear these stories and more but we felt that it was only right to give everyone the feedback from teachers

Interesting feedback over the last few days in relation to what teachers have witnessed during vaccination day in schools.

One young female teacher said she would rather go off sick when the girls are being given the HPV vaccine than witness what she has seen in her school over the last 3 years. She said she saw a number of girls lying on the floor like zombies. She was horrified that another senior member of staff said to her, ” you seen nothing, forget about it. ”

Another female teacher said that there is no way that her daughter who will be starting post primary school in few years time will be getting what she described as that horrible vaccine. She said that this must not and could not be  right and wondered what was going to be long term outcome with this girls health

A male teacher said that he saw a young girl passed out after vaccination and her parents weren’t even notified by the medical team.

He felt that while he doesn’t want to be seen to support either side he felt obliged to pass this information on but did say that he was disgusted that he overheard a conversation between the medical staff to the case that they were satisfied not to report this to the girl’s parents.

I think we will hear many more of these stories from teachers who are not happy with what they are witnessing over the next while.

General message here is that those teachers who spoke on these incidences were asked not to let us know their personal view on the vaccine.

Inform Parents would like to thank those who shared their experiences.

A clear message here is that if you wish for your daughter to receive the HPV vaccine try and be present when she is being vaccinated to witness events and know the truth as what happened.