More teachers come forward with their experiences in schools.

Just a quick note that two more teachers came forward to tell their experiences of the HPV vaccine being administered in schools last evening

Firstly I would like to commend their bravery to tell their stories. The first teacher is a person in their late fifties who has witnessed a lot of issues around vaccination in schools. Their first point of view was that the HPV is not the first vaccine that they have seen severe reactions to in school. However, the HPV vaccination has far more reactions witnessed than any other. They have seen young girls who were a bright bubbly character to be those who are in agony with life. Be it they are off school sick, lack of concentration, in discomfort and would almost appear to be in a world of their own. They highlight one instance where a young girl was returning to class after the vaccination collapsed and went into convulsions for a few minutes. The nurses present at vaccination said it was nothing to worry about and that this was normal enough and that all would be ok. Yet like other cases, they didn’t report this to the parents and it was only in the course of a conversation at a parent teachers meeting that she became aware of this.

The second teacher was a little hesitant to give much information for fear of repercussions on them. However,  they witnessed a number of girls becoming unwell in the school after vaccination. Some girls recovered over a number of weeks, others haven’t been the same since. They were able to identify through the school a number of girls over the past three years who became so ill after receiving the HPV vaccine that they were not in a position to sit their exams. Both teachers have said that they will not be allowing their daughters to receive the HPV vaccine on the grounds of what they have witnessed in school. One of them said that they would talk to colleagues who are members of the Irish Science Teachers Association and to ask them what in the hell were they at supporting this vaccine. They both appeared to say that the intention of the vaccine may have good intentions but wasn’t doing that when all these girls were going down ill.

Thanks again to these two teachers for their info.

What has really stood out here in these reports is how parents are not being made aware of any incidents on vaccination day. We think that a young girl who collapses and goes into convulsions after receiving the HPV vaccine is not normal and that the parents have the right to be made aware of what happened.

Why is this information not being relayed to parents? Surely this is negligence of a profession in a big way. Our children are our pride and joy, our flesh and blood and hurting them is hurting us.

We need more teachers to come forward and tell their stories. In fact, we have someone that they can contact in confidence and who is independent.

It is all going to be happening in schools over the next few weeks. Our advice to parents is that if you wish your daughter to be vaccinated please try to be present and witness it.