School Principal concerned over indemnity in HSE letter to school principals

A school Principal who spoke to us in confidence last night is very concerned with the remarks towards indemnity in the recent letter to school principals from the HSE. They said that they would be seeking an urgent meeting of the Board of Management because of the wording.

And you can see exactly why: Indemnity for any future liability………… But what is the position of any liability arising from the past? Is this a matter that may be thrown back at schools should it arise even though they only allowed the school to be used to facilitate the administration of the vaccine. There is no doubt that this letter is worrying for school principals and am sure other principals will also be seeking clarification.

“Indemnity for any future liability arising from the role which schools currently undertake in the school vaccinations is a matter which would be addressed by the HSE and/or the Department of Health.”

The Principal from a school located towards the centre of the country told us that the uptake was reasonable in their school but also could understand the concerns that parents had. They were very surprised by the ISTA to join the hpv alliance and without any notification to school which may be an issue. This matter would also be brought to the attention of the Board of Management.