A letter from Jonathan Irwin on the hurtful comments of HSE Director General

This letter sums up the hurt from the distasteful comments of Tony O’ Brien of the HSE

Dear Mr. O’Brien

I am one of the “emotional terrorists” you refer to in your attack on parents who have dared to question the side effects of the Gardasil vaccine.

I find your comments hurtful, insulting and completely over the top.

I refuse to be labelled like that.

My objective in telling The story is to tell the truth of what happened to our daughter, plain and simple, without exaggeration or drama and to urge the HSE to give full details to parents about the possible side effects of this vaccine.
I am not anti-vaccine. The HSE should be embracing parents with issues like us, listening to us and learning from our experience.
Not embarrassing us and making us out to be the enemy.

Please stop this verbal bull-dozing and wake up and listen to these very real problems. We don’t have to be doctors to ask questions. And a health system that doesn’t ask questions or admit that there might be problems is rotten.

I expect more compassion from the leader of our health service. Shame on you.