Emotional Terrorism

As citizens of Ireland what can we say but am embarassed to have a CEO of  our Health Service Executive who has branded parents who speak up with concerns on the hpv vaccine as “Emotional Terrorism”. We think this is completely unacceptable behaviour from this man and it is more than an absolute insult to the concerned parents. To brand people as terrorists from the position he holds is unacceptable. It shows the lack of his personal leadership qualities of the organisation he is supposed to be leading. interestingly he didn’t make any reference to the connection of many doctors and hospitals in receipt of funding from the manufacturer of the vaccine company in question. So Mr O’ Brien needs to get his house in order.

And for our poor Minister for Health well what can one say. He is just a yes man and keep an eye on certain organisations going forward.

He set up The North Wicklow Triple A Alliance, an Autism support and lobby group in County Wicklow to seek to give a voice to people living with Autism and their families and to articulate their concerns and needs. He works tirelessly as a disability advocate and through his work in the disability area he has first-hand meaningful understanding of issues affecting people with disabilities. His brother Adam of is the patron.

Now here we are as concerned parents who are simply asking parents to get the full information. We have never interfered with the role out of the vaccine. We simply run an information campaign and the decision to vaccinate is entirely at the discretion of the parents. That discretion should be allowed on the basis of full information being given to parents and not selective material and also without any due pressure We are doing exactly what Simon set out to do himself with Northern Wicklow triple A Alliance and now he is telling us to “butt out”. Well, shame on him for forgetting the values that led him into politics.

Our information brochure is compiled of information from the manufacturer:

Inform Parents Brochure

Great to see Mattie McGrath TD speak out on this.