Emotional Terrorist report voluntarily to Garda station.



Two representatives of Inform Parents presented themselves at 09:39 am this morning to Pearse Street Garda station in Dublin. This action was as a result of the comments of the HSE boss Tony O’ Brien where he said that “Some of the tactics employed can only be equated to a form of emotional terrorism.”

This is a man who is supposed to be in a position to run the HSE, Ireland’s national health body and to use such defamation and slander of one’s character is grossly unprofessional. The Minister of Health needs to act on this defaming act.

Following on from presenting themselves to the Gardai this morning the Inform Parents representatives went to the Royal College of Physicians to meet representatives of the Health Services with a view to progress the concerns raised by parents of girls who received the HPV vaccine and as a result have suffered from suspected adverse reactions. Despite the negative comments of the HSE Boss, the meeting was productive and progressive.

Parents who have been in contact with Inform Parents feel very bitter and are contemplating reporting to their local garda station in protest of O’ Brien’s comments.