Who gives advice to the medical profession on the HPV Vaccine?

Minister Simon Harris has told us to butt out of the vaccine campaign and just for a few minutes we ask you to do the same.

Now heads clear and we have concerns about the vaccine, so we will take Simon’s advice and we will ask the medical profession for their advice. What is the answer?

You will be told that it is necessary and it will prevent our daughters from getting cervical cancer.

The experts in the field like the Irish Cancer Society will tell you along with the train of alliance member’s will back that up.

But no one has asked the real question.

Who has advised the medical professionals on this?

We will be told that it is the WHO, EMA and many others but again who has advised them on this vaccine.

Ah yes, the manufacturer of the vaccine.

So we as the concerned parents ask the medical professionals for their advice on the vaccine and they will tell you what they have been told by the manufacturer. Now because we are asking questions of concern for health issues that are suspected adverse reactions to the vaccine, we are classed as running a campaign of emotional terrorism by Tony O’ Brien. The minister wants us to butt out. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Minister Finian Mcgrath rose the bar on this at the weekend and a quiet meeting with Simon was to kind of take the light out of his torch. Well, he now says he is fully supportive of the vaccine but most people presume he was told to tow the line.

Then the real expert comes out of the box to show his disgust with Mcgrath on the matter. Alan Kelly who was lucky to hold his seat in the last election had notions to be the leader of the Labour party also left a few more cats out of the bag. And by the way issues around vaccines was not discussed just recently. Look at this memo from 1982 and remember they are now talking about a vaccine injury compensation plan. Whatever it will be, it won’t suffice to rectify the issues of damages.

What do you think?

Interesting that this is the description given to the ministers’ brother when he was appointed to the of the new Disability Stakeholders Group in 2015.

Adam Harris. Consultant with Aspergers Syndrome Association

Vaccine dept of Health Letter 1982 (1)