Removing our signs won’t stop our campaign….


It is with great sadness that we have to report to all that Kerry Co. Council have asked Inform Parents to remove their bill boards from the road sides in Kerry.

Inform Parents sought permission from Kerry Co. Council on the 21st August 2017 to erect these signs on the roadside. We were granted permission to erect these signs on the 21st of August and the permission sought was granted for four weeks. We also got a list of conditions to adhere to of which we did.

It is quite obvious that we have annoyed the HSE with our campaign to make parents aware of the full information and not the selected information that they still proceed to give in their information packs.

Last Friday we met with the HSE at a meeting which was both productive and progressive. Then this happens. And the best part about it all action of any nature is done behind closed doors, namelessly by those ashamed to face us. We have never refused to meet. We were contacted on Thursday last to remove them. We gave a commitment that they would be taken down on Friday, yet somehow someone sought it so urgent they were removed beforehand.

We will be contacting Kerry Co. Council and will be seeking clarification as to why these were removed.

Ireland was known as the land of the Saints and Scholars but one can now think of a different name.

We never sought or intentionally activated a campaign against this vaccine. We sought that parents would get access to the full information from the manufacturer. The excuse was given by the HSE that their information pack is prepared in such a way that all can understand it as that the average reading ability of adults in Ireland is that of a 12-year-old. Yet they then, in turn, place the specific information leaflet which we asked to be distributed in the school packs is up on a link on the website and you would need a map to access it.

Can we now say that the parents of Ireland have no democratic rights?

Can we now say that we are being dictated by a Minister of Health and the HSE in a manner that has never been seen before?

Can we now say that our politicians are being controlled as we saw with Finian McGrath last week, thus those same people who are in their positions as our public representatives because we voted them in and this is how we are thanked?

The bottom line here to all parents is that all we have ever asked is give parents the full information, good or bad, they have a right to know so they can make that informed consent.

As it stands this is not the case and when you are not being given the full details, you cannot make an informed decision to allow you make that hugely important CONSENT.

We never sought the removal of the vaccine, as everyone is aware that all vaccines are introduced for a good reason. We raised concerns like many parents but all parents have a right to choose to vaccinate or to not vaccinate. Are we breaking the law by being concerned?  No, but it is quite obvious that there are those who do not wish parents to have the full information for one reason or another.

Finally, Jonathan Irwin is a man that has dedicated so much time and effort to helping people through the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. A man who has dedicated much of his life to helping people and a man that was proud to stand with us on this matter.

This vaccine has raised more concern than any other in the past. That speaks volumes without any further words.


Thank You