Serious adverse events after HPV vaccination: a critical review of randomized trials and post-marketing case series

Over the last few weeks Tony O’ Brien, Director General of the HSE along with HSE staff, Minister for Health Simon Harris and others associated have activated what can only be classed as a campaign of desperation.

To describe a campaign which is giving more factual information to parents and coming from the PIL as a form of emotional terrorism is something you couldn’t make up. Would Tony O’ Brien meet us? We doubt it very much but one thing we can say is that we have held respect and dignity throughout the campaign. His arrogance and disrespect have shown how one man can abuse his position of power. Internationally it does the HSE no justice and here in Ireland, it can only be described as an all time low for public standards.

The Minister, on the other hand, has made comments in the past that campaigns like ours are putting out fake information and scare mongering. Well Minister, if the information in our leaflet is fake then you have a serious problem as it is taken from the manufacturers material. Being cocky in the presence of others and telling the likes of us to butt out is sounding bells of a minister in desperation.

While we have requested numerous meetings with the minister on this matter he has on most occasions ignored our requests.

Yes we have raised concerns around certain issues which we believe are related to the vaccine and also these are mentioned in the PIL.

To discredit the post marketing side effects is being disingenuous as many of the symptoms reported by parents are associated to these.

The link attached would raise even more concerns on these.While we have been told it is one of the rigorously tested vaccines, it carries much scepticism and suspicion for reasons of concerns worldwide.It is completely up to parents whether they wish to take note of this information or not. Yet, on the other hand, the HSE while vaccination is not compulsory is putting out the message that the girls need to get vaccinated.

Again we emphasise that we do not wish any woman to suffer from cervical cancer but please respect the genuine concerns of the many parents who have not been given satisfactory answers.