HSE article in TUI News

While many parents either watched the All Ireland Football finals either at home or attended it, it was an occasion of delight for the winners and sadness and despair for the defeated teams but one must credit all four teams for their inspiration and the enjoyment that they gave to so many people watching. But it was down to the teams and not the spectators at the end of the day.

There are parents out there who are confused as for whether they should give the HPV vaccine to their daughter or not. That is a huge decision for any parent and can be a greater problem for some more than others.

However, the Teachers Union of Ireland (TUI) ran with the attached article in their recent News magazine. Again the HSE underhandedly try to use teachers to sway the decision made by parents by influencing the girls, their students in school. That is the plan as from the extracts below. The teachers who are trained educators are now being asked to make an influence on a lifetime medical decision which parents are faced with. The HSE couldn’t do the decent thing and supply the PIL in the information packs.              The HSE have looked for support from all parties to make parents make the decision they want them to make. And their main supporters have one common denominator………

Now they want to use teachers to do their dirty work and groom the girls.

” As role models, teachers can play an important role in promoting the HPV vaccine”

“Teachers can help to support this life saving vaccination programme and are
well placed to provide accurate vaccine information to students”

Best of all is the following extract. The HSE are the ones who have tried to make this link with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and furthermore, they have told us that these alike symptoms have not been detected by the medical professionals because they weren’t recognised or detected. How appalling to try to pawn this over on concerned parents.


There have been attempts to link chronic
fatigue syndrome (CFS) to HPV
vaccination recently. CFS typically
presents in teenagers aged between 11
and 15 years and is much more common
in girls.There are an estimated 10,000
cases of CFS in Ireland.The estimated
rate of CFS is between 0.2 and 0.4%.
Therefore, in the population of 220,000
vaccinated girls in Ireland, there would be
an expected 440 to 880 cases occurring.
However, the reported numbers are in
fact lower than expected. 

The HSE also say “Ongoing international analysis has shown there is no scientific evidence linking HPV vaccines to any long term medical condition.”  While they continue to say that parents also can continue to say that there is no scientific evidence not linking HPV vaccines to any long term medical condition.

We would ask the TUI and their members to abstain from involving themselves in this as a matter of respect for parents. We as parents have respect for the teaching profession and will not be involving ourselves in the issues such as teachers pay which is looming currently with the threat of possible industrial action.