Comments from a doctor who played with his phone for the entire meeting. How impressive!!

Just to bring parents into the reality zone of Dr. Kevin Kelleher who made the comments below at an Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health on 11/05/2017

Maybe the parents of Ireland need to be made aware that all Dr Kelleher is saying is not accurate and not the truth. To refresh this mans memory the proposed care pathway came about after meetings with concerned parents who believed their daughters were suffering from suspected adverse reactions to the hpv vaccine. We are part of those discussions which are ongoing still. Yet the last meeting he attended he played with his mobile phone for the full duration of the meeting. Does that not alone show you the arrogance and disrespect he has for the girls who have health issues since receiving the HPV vaccine.

With the greatest respect to Professor Alf Nicholson and Dr Kevin Connolly from our meetings, it is still at discussion level between us for agreement and the proposed plan will have to to be sanctioned and funded of which neither has been done yet.

Given the last meeting, Dr Kevin Kelleher attended he showed complete lack of respect for his colleagues present, us the parents and the girls we represented because for the full duration of that meeting he sat at the other end of the table playing with his mobile phone.  So is he seriously concerned about the issues – NO!

To have the Director General of the HSE Tony O’ Brien make such an insulting remark “acts of emotional terrorism” and Dr Kelleher making another remark in the past … “Likewise, their autonomy may not always be totally autonomous. There may be again somebody else saying what they have to do what they need to be doing in the circumstances. That is part of normal life anyway but this is just emphasising the issue and we all know that….so it is there, so but part of is equally us being able to put in place a system where they have enough knowledge to undertake the decisions that are appropriate. Now that is quite a paternalistic approach as well because actually what I am saying is I want to give them the knowledge to make the decision I want them to make so that is just a nicer form of paternalism rather than me telling them what to do it is a slightly nicer form of paternalism but then this is an institution that is doing the same thing the whole time…..”

Does this not tell you the true story of this man and what he really thinks of parents!!

“Dr Kevin Kelleher: To be clear, we propose, and it is being led by Professor Alf Nicholson, who is the paediatric lead for the HSE, to put in place a care pathway for any adolescent boy or girl who has the symptoms being spoken about. It is not linked to the vaccine. We have to be very clear it is not being provided for anybody who claims he or she has those symptoms as a result of a vaccine. It will be provided to them and they can avail of it. We have clearly identified, and Professor Butler has intimated this, that these children have not been dealt with as well as they could have been, be they children today or children ten years ago. We want to make sure boys and girls all get the same care. Professor Nicholson has produced this pathway and we have tried to have discussions with the parents concerned but it has not been totally successful. It will be introduced within the next year. It is trying to provide clarity. It is very clear such children have always been there, and for longer than any of us in the room have been alive there has been evidence for it. We need to provide them with good services as a consequence.

While we have always maintained respect for those in the HSE and all associated with the vaccine, we will not hide the truth and from observation of the campaign to date one must take note of the cold-faced attitude Dr Kelleher and Tony O’ Brien. It brings the quality of public standards in our health service to a poor state.

“Respect and you will be respected”