What is an Informed Consent? A doctor describes it.

Vaccination is an invasive medical action and is a very serious matter. It is unethical to not give or allow the freedom of informed consent.

In Ireland, it has not been possible for any parent to give informed consent on the HPV vaccine because they do not receive the full information. They get a glossy information booklet which does not tell the truth. It differs to the manufacturer on several matters. We have a minister for health who fully supports it even though many parents have serious concerns and he has refused time after time to meet with them. We have Dr Kevin Kelleher Assistant National Director of Health and Well-Being – Public Health & Child Health who is quoted in the past:

Likewise, their autonomy may not always be totally autonomous. There may be again somebody else saying what they have to do what they need to be doing in the circumstances. That is part of normal life anyway but this is just emphasising the issue and we all know that….so it is there, so but part of is equally us being able to put in place a system where they have enough knowledge to undertake the decisions that are appropriate. Now that is quite a paternalistic approach as well because actually what I am saying is I want to give them the knowledge to make the decision I want them to make so that is just a nicer form of paternalism rather than me telling them what to do it is a slightly nicer form of paternalism but then this is an institution that is doing the same thing the whole time…..”

We have the Director General of the HSE who referred to some of the HPV vaccine campaigns as acts of emotional terrorism. Again one has to say that this attitude and behaviour from a man of a prominent statue in a public position was an ill professional remark and a defamatory one. At most, he insulted his poor reputation and should seriously consider his position.