Fraudulent Claims say HSE Dr.

PQ39311117: To ask the Minister for Health the amount the relaunched HPV awareness campaign is costing; if a public relations company has been contracted to boost this campaign; and if he will make a statement on the matter.

Dr Kevin Kelleher 09-17

What are the HSE afraid of? Who has been misleading and circulating false information and now it is described as fraudulent claims. Let’s join the dots on their side and see the real picture of their campaign.

So we have a minister who came out and said that some information circulated was scaremongering and fake. Maybe he didn’t realise it at the time but he may have been referring to the HSE as their information has been misleading to parents as to the information from the manufacturer of the vaccine. Minister, you should take time to read the PIL.

HSE information: “The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine protects girls from
developing cervical cancer when they are adults. This leaflet contains factual information to answer your questions. Please read it and then fill in the enclosed consent form.”

Manufacturers PIL“Vaccination with Gardasil is intended to protect against diseases caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) types 6, 11, 16, and 18.”

Then you had a rash statement from the Director General of the HSE who described some of the campaigns as acts of emotional terrorism. This man must think that he is untouchable to label and defame peoples characters by such a statement.

And now we have Dr Kelleher who states in the attached letter: Unfortunately, but possibly understandably, some parents are now hesitant to get their daughters vaccinated having heard these fraudulent claims. That is why the HSE been working on promoting the vaccine to parents and girls as part of the school vaccine schedule.

Yet he is quoted in the past as saying: “….. Now that is quite a paternalistic approach as well because actually what I am saying is I want to give them the knowledge to make the decision I want them to make so that is just a nicer form of paternalism rather than me telling them what to do it is a slightly nicer form of paternalism but then this is an institution that is doing the same thing the whole time…..”

It just shows you how out of debt Dr Kelleher is and how could you really have belief in anything he has to say now.  So he believes all the girls who have come down with health issues after receiving the vaccine are ill but it is not related or caused by the vaccine. And he can make that analysis without any medical assessment. So all the girls around the world who are suffering from suspected adverse reactions to the vaccine are sick for no reason even though one common factor known at present is the vaccine.

Dr Kelleher also states in this letter that: “In Ireland over 230,000 girls have been safely vaccinated against HPV and are now protected against cervical cancer.” Even the manufacturer of the vaccine hasn’t actually said this. Is Dr Kelleher going to give assurances like this to parents and guarantee that this is the case contrary to this Dr?