What the Gardasil Testing May Have Missed

There’s no evidence that the HPV vaccine causes serious harm, but an investigation shows the trials weren’t designed to properly assess safety.

When you read the article in the attached link you might say to yourself, these symptoms are very similar. But wait for it Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

Yet the medical profession along with the so-called medical experts in Irland reckon that the girls are sick and that the number suffering from CFS in adolescent boys and girls hasn’t changed. Yet when questioned on these numbers, they couldn’t produce the figures – interesting. Sorry but parents of all girls who have health issues since receiving the HPV vaccine will not be labelled as having CFS.

Their broken record to say that there is no scientific evidence to prove that these health issues were caused by the vaccine. Equally, it can be argued that there is no evidence to prove they weren’t caused by the vaccine.

Read this very interesting article and see how similar it is to many people.