They were threatened by a man the Minister should have sacked, Mr. Tony O’Brien. They were called “emotional terrorists.”

Last week we had a celeb doctor publish an article which gave a gross description of a smear test and then we had a minister who is on Dáil record as saying that Tony O’ Brien was correct to call parents who questioned the safety of the HPV vaccine as emotional terrorist. What happened the right to choice or the right to full information? How disrespectful can this so-called muppet as described by Deputy McGrath be? He is certainly proving to be one of the most inconsiderate Ministers for Health who knows little or nothing about health issues. He lets on that he knows it all. A man that is a complete coward in that he has refused to meet concerned parents and ignoring numerous request to do so. Just look at his reaction in the Dáil. He scorns little whimpers but nothing of substance. Even look at his handling of the upcoming referendum. Yet he is afraid to tell the people the truth.

And when parents don’t agree with his view on the vaccine, his only answer is to tell them to “butt out”.

What a shame!!!

Deputy Mattie McGrath:    Several hundred families in the State have issues and concerns in respect of the HPV vaccine and when they came out an lobbied on the issues, they were threatened by a man the Minister should have sacked, Mr Tony O’Brien. They were called “emotional terrorists.”

Deputy Simon Harris:     He was entirely correct.

Deputy Mattie McGrath:     That is disgraceful coming from the Minister

Deputy Mattie McGrath Speech 07-02-18