Labours HPV motion passed in the Dáil with few TDs present.

You often wonder why a lack of trust and belief in our politicians is so common. Yet Labour tabled a private members motion last Wednesday and it passed with flying colours. Sounds great but ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many TDs are in the Dáil?   ——— 158
  2. How many were present for the vote? —— Not many
  3. Was the minister present for the vote? ——-No

Accepting the motion, Minister for Health Simon Harris said it was one of the most important moved in the House in long years.

He said he shared the view that a health technology assessment, being undertaken by the Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa) to determine the clinical effectiveness of any proposed changes, should be concluded as quickly as possible.

The Minister was late in for the start of the debate and was gone shortly afterwards.  Yet he said that it was the most important moved in the House in long years, yet it only warranted a few of the 158 TDs to be present to pass it. Just doesn’t make sense at all. In fact, it makes the Dáil farcical on issues of such importance like this as he hasn’t got the courtesy to meet with concerned parents. The reality is that you can’t win a debate with the boy when he won’t allow himself to take part in one. A real sign of a young lad who is unsure of himself.