There is Justice in the “Truth”

At a recent meeting in the Dáil, we met with a number of TDs who were sympathetic and supportive of us and all the parents of girls that we believe have had serious health issues as a result of suspected adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine. Not alone did Deputies Mattie McGrath, Michael Collins, Michael and Danny Healy-Rae give us such support on the night, they also exercised that support last week during the motion brought forward by Alan Kelly and Labour. That same support and sympathy didn’t come from many of the other TDs in the Dáil either last week or since this whole issue of concern has been raised and must not be forgotten.

The Taoiseach had asked his party colleagues to refrain from bringing dáil questions on the matter to Simon Harris.

Simon Harris is on record in the dáil to saying that Tony O’ Brien of the HSE was correct in calling us, emotional terrorist.

We have kept our dignity and respect throughout this whole ordeal. We haven’t lowered ourselves to the level of some so-called professionals whose only defence at times was to revert to name calling and avoiding the truth.

We have kept an open and diplomatic line of communication with the HSE despite all that has been thrown at us and we are continuing with this in the wake of developing a care plan for the girls which is fit for purpose. 

Can we achieve anything by disrespecting each other and relying on such tactics as name calling? The answer is no.

We have kept the lines of communication open to fulfil that acknowledgement and support for the girls who need this support. We are not in this for fame. We also want to acknowledge that some girls have suffered much more severe health issues than others and that all these families have been through the most uncomfortable life experiences one can imagine. 

The outcome of the legal case taken by Emily Tarsell from Maryland, US is a great victory for her and her family but at an enormous price, the loss of a precious life of her daughter Christina following vaccination with Gardasil. 

We believe that this has set a precedent for other countries to follow. There is justice in the truth and it is worth fighting for.

To all the girls in Ireland and right across the world who have suffered health wise as a result of suspected adverse reactions to the HPV vaccine, we salute you and your families and support you to getting the proper support, recognition and help to regaining good health and a normal life again.

“Your life is precious, your families are important but unified we can make a huge difference.”

Based upon the record as a whole, the special master finds the Proffer
reasonable and that petitioner is entitled to an award as stated in the Proffer.
Pursuant to the attached Proffer—in the form of a check payable to petitioner as
the legal representative of Christina Tarsell’s estate—the court awards petitioner:
1. A lump sum payment of $250,000.00 for Christina Tarsell’s vaccine-related
2. A lump sum payment of $60,000.00 for past pain and suffering for
Christina Tarsell’s vaccine-related injury; and,
3. A lump sum payment of $130.00 for past unreimbursable expenses
related to Christina Tarsell’s vaccine-related injury”.

In the United States Court of Federal Claims