“If we had a minister of health in Simon Harris who wasn’t in political nappies and in a job away above his talents.”…..

……”If he had a shred of courage, which the great party, Fine Gael seem singularly lacking in, O’ Brien wouldn’t have a job today. O’ Brien would be sacked.”……..

the words of George Hook in August 2017.

Two weeks ago Vicky Phelan was unknown to many. Today she is a household name for her strength to speak out and not be silenced on the cervical smear scandal.

A woman that has done every woman in Ireland proud on this serious matter. However, we cannot say the same for Leo, Simon and Tony. It just gets worse.

Earlier this week we learned that:

  • Tony O’ Brien had taken up a directorship role of a US pharmaceutical company
  • Chairman of that company hosts ‘secret supper’ fundraiser for Varadkar.
  • Leo and Simon defend Tony O’ Brien
  • Tony O’ Brien takes leave of absence from US board
  • And now he is to leave the HSE in July a month earlier than was expected and we are to believe this is due to annual leave.

Pathetic political excuses. Bet if this hadn’t happened he wouldn’t have taken leave from the US board or left the HSE until August.