Another HSE cover up unveiled- No surprise!

So the HSE thought they could get away with another cover-up. Thankfully it has been uncovered by very diligent parents. To think that this could be done by The HSE in such a manner is nothing but a disgrace.

To give people a little insight to this underhand work we have attached a copy of the Assessment of Needs (AoN) STANDARDS FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF NEED which can be found online and the new document replacing it STANDARDS FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF NEED

First off you will note the old document is 26 pages and the new one is 111 pages with some very interesting points noted. Bear in mind that this new document was not published publicly up to 24hrs ago. Some major questions to be answered when you read the DCA Warriors statement.

Will Simon say he was unaware of this also? Questions need to be answered on this as to who was involved in this document, why so secretive and given that they. Interesting this document was approved the 22nd November 2017 and most people didn’t even know it existed.

Just read the following statement from The DCA Warriors who are all advocate parents.

DCA Warriors statement on Standard Operating Procedures AON (1)